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SUN Behavioral Welcome Series Video 4 Available on YouTube: Your Daily Schedule

When you're inpatient at SUN Behavioral Delaware, what does your daily schedule look like? How will your days structured? What does "actively participating" in your own treatment plan look like? These answers and more are provided in this video.

Video 4: Your Daily Schedule at SUN

Thank you for choosing SUN Behavioral.  This video is to provide you with information about the daily schedule at SUN’s inpatient program.

Each day will begin with getting up and moving.  You’ll start with breakfast.  Afterward, you’ll participate in your first group session of the day. You’ll meet with the psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist to review your treatment plan and make any necessary adjustments.

Lunch will follow, and afterward you may participate in any number of different recreational therapies.  Our specialists move between the units on a rotating schedule to provide music, art, games, and exercise.  Adolescents who are students will do their schoolwork.

Throughout the day, you’ll have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.  If you’re a smoker over the age of 21, you’ll have access to our interior courtyard for intermittent smoke breaks, accompanied by a staff member.  Snacks and beverages are available on the unit twenty-four hours per day.  You’ll have access to two unit phones to stay in contact with your loved ones while you’re at SUN.

Our goal is to provide you with a healing environment that will help you focus on your recovery goals.  During your stay, if there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable, please let us know

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