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SUN Behavioral Welcome Series Video 1 Available on YouTube: What to Expect

So many people ask us, “What should I expect when I get to SUN?” We put together this video to help you, your client, or your loved one feel at ease when they come to SUN. We encourage you to watch all of the videos in this series as they become available, and share them with others as you feel is appropriate.

Video 1: Your Journey Beyond Inpatient Care

Thank you for choosing SUN Behavioral.  This video is to help you understand what to expect during your stay at SUN.  SUN Behavioral is an inpatient program for mental health and substance use disorders.

Every service at SUN begins with a no-cost assessment, conducted virtually or in-person.  After you complete your intake assessment, you’ll undergo a series of screenings which help us determine the level of care you’ll need while you’re with us.

Within twenty-four hours, you’ll be meeting with our psychiatric nurse practitioner or our psychiatrist to begin planning your treatment.  Every patient seen at SUN receives a personal and individualized treatment plan.

While you’re at SUN Behavioral, you’ll participate in group therapy, which may also include recreational therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

While you are here, you’ll be meeting with our discharge team to plan your after care.  They’ll be able to connect you with stepdown services within SUN or with services outside of SUN with our community partners.

SUN’s programs allow patients to smoke, but we must adhere to state guidelines for the legal age of tobacco use.  Patients are allowed to have visitors on certain days, but visitation policies differ within each SUN hospital.  In-person visitation and virtual options are available to our patients.

You are not alone.  SUN Behavioral is here to help.  Schedule a telehealth consultation today.

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