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SUN Behavioral Welcome Series Video 2 Available on YouTube: Course of Treatment

How do you heal while you’re with us at SUN? What kinds of treatments are available to you? Watch this video to find out how we provide customized treatment plans using a collaborative process.

Video 2: Your Journey Beyond Inpatient Care

Thank you for choosing SUN Behavioral.  This video is to help you understand how we develop custom treatment plans for each of our patients.

SUN Behavioral provides treatment for both mental health and substance use disorders.  SUN Behavioral provides crisis treatment for adults and adolescents struggling with either of these disorders, or both.  Every patient seen at SUN receives a customized treatment plan using evidence-based practices.

Your psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner will meet with you to discuss the reasons you’ve come to SUN.  Based on your needs, they’ll prescribe medications and therapies to get you stabilized and adjust them as needed.  They’ll also hold a meeting to discuss your treatment plan with your therapists and discharge planners.

Your day will begin with breakfast, followed by a structured therapy schedule.  During the course of your day, you’ll participate in group therapy, recreational therapy, music therapy, and art therapy.  You’ll receive lunch and dinner, and snacks and beverages are available on the unit throughout the day.

While you’re here with us, we want you to focus on getting well.  Working toward an excellent outcome is a group effort.  Our hope is that you will actively participate in all the elements of your treatment plan.

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