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Treatment for Suicidal Ideation

You are not alone, and suicide is preventable. In 2021, 137 people in Delaware died from suicide. SUN Behavioral Health Delaware solves unmet needs. Suicidal thoughts often come in a moment of crisis, which is why we offer crisis care that has 24/7 admission. Our crisis care allows you or a loved one to receive treatment for suicidal ideation that will keep you safe.  

What We Treat: Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts are thoughts someone has about wanting to cause injury to themselves with the intention to die. Know that if you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts, help is possible, and suicide is preventable. At SUN Behavioral Health Delaware, we are here for you and will provide the resources necessary to enjoy life again. 

Coping With Thoughts of Suicide

Suicidal thoughts can feel overwhelming and terrifying, and managing them on your own can be challenging. Instead, contact a professional to help teach you coping techniques for when life challenges come. Discussing your emotions and thoughts with close friends or family can also help make things more manageable over time. 

How We Treat Suicidal Ideation at SUN Behavioral Health Delaware

The best way to receive help for suicidal ideation is to participate in treatment. Treatment might include psychotherapy, medications, or a combination of both. Our mental health services at SUN Behavioral Health Delaware offer inpatient and outpatient programming. We will work with you and your doctors to determine the best action plan for your specific needs. 

Inpatient at SUN Behavioral Health Delaware

At the inpatient level, we provide mental health inpatient to adults and adolescents. Our inpatient treatment's average length of stay is 7 to 14 days. 

Outpatient at SUN Behavioral Health Delaware

We offer partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) for adults with mental health or co-occurring disorders. These services occur Monday through Friday. For adolescents, we only offer mental health PHP at this time. 

Suicidal Thoughts: What Causes Them?

Many causes can occur that result in suicidal thoughts. The most common reason is overwhelming life circumstances. People who feel their future has no hope or have tunnel vision in the middle of a crisis may have thoughts about suicide, believing it to be a solution. It is also possible that genetics can lead to suicidal thoughts. If someone has a family member who has had suicidal thoughts, it can increase one’s chances that they will also have those thoughts.


Warning Signs to Look for Before a Suicide Attempt

Some of the warning signs before a suicide attempt include:

  • Talking about being a burden to others
  • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live
  • Feeling isolated
  • Talking about seeking revenge
  • Having extreme mood swings
  • Sleeping too much 



Common Suicide Methods

There are many common methods that someone might use when they die by suicide. However, some methods may be more likely to be used by men, while others are more likely to be used by women. For example, men are more likely to use firearms as a way to die by suicide. On the other hand, women may be more likely to die from poisoning or overdosing. 

Suicide Is Preventable in Georgetown, DE

Suicide is preventable, and those who have suicidal ideation are not alone. There are several ways to save someone’s life from dying from suicide. Know that talking about suicide will not give someone the idea to attempt suicide, and having an open conversation with a loved one can save their life and lead them to treatment.

How to Help Someone With Suicidal Ideation

If you notice warning signs in a loved one that they might have suicidal ideation, encourage them to seek professional help or have them call a crisis line. Remain open, supportive, and understanding regarding your loved one’s emotions. Do not act with judgment and remove anything they might use to harm themselves from their homes.  

Get Help for Suicide Ideation at SUN Behavioral Delaware Today!

SUN Behavioral Health Delaware solves unmet needs in Georgetown, DE. Our no-cost care assessment allows potential patients to meet with a representative as they create a care plan that works for their specific needs. For more information, call us at 302-604-5600. 


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