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Meth Addiction Treatment

Growing up, your parents would use meth in the house. You had always told yourself that you would never be like them. Your friends' parents would never let their kids stay at your house, and you didn’t want that for your future children. However, life took some unexpected turns, and you have been using meth for several years. You don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. You want out but aren’t sure how to leave meth behind now that you have been using it for so long. 

In 2020, 4,000 people used methamphetamine in Delaware. At SUN Behavioral Delaware, we know that the time between deciding to get help and the “right time to get treatment” doesn’t always happen simultaneously. We understand that when the “right time” happens, you might even change your mind. This is why we offer crisis care with 24-hour admittance so that you can start your treatment when you decide to get treatment before you change your mind. But why should you get treatment in the first place? What does treatment even look like?

Understanding Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is a stimulant that looks like glass fragments or shiny, bluish rocks. People who use it will smoke it, swallow a pill, inject it when dissolved in water or alcohol, or snort it. People will consume meth to get high which is quickly followed by a crash. It often causes people to give up sleep and food while consuming the substance. People who take it long-term might develop cognitive problems with understanding, learning, remembering, or thinking. Some people experience extreme weight loss, dental problems, paranoia, and hallucinations as a result of meth use.

Meth Use Disorder Treatment at SUN Behavioral Delaware

Seeking help from meth use can be the most liberating thing you can do. We also know that it can be terrifying, and you might have questions about what life will look like both while you are in treatment and after you receive treatment. 

So what does the cost look like?

SUN Behavioral Delaware accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private, and commercial insurance. We also offer no-cost care assessments that allow you to understand what your recovery will look like at our facility. 

Meth Withdrawal at SUN Behavioral Delaware

As you are coming off of meth, you will experience intense withdrawal symptoms. These include depression, cravings, increased appetite, and vivid dreams. This is why starting your recovery under the supervision of a medical professional like those found at SUN Behavioral Delaware is important. While these symptoms are not typically dangerous, complications can happen. 

At SUN Behavioral Delaware we have medically-trained staff to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms. We provide you with medications that can ease the effects of your systems and combine them with therapy. The therapy can help you recognize, manage, and prevent your symptoms from occurring, leading to a better foundation for preventing a return to drug use.

Partial Hospitalization Services at SUN Behavioral Delaware

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is for those who don’t need 24/7 observation but still need more intensive treatment. You will be at our facility 5 days a week and attend 5 sessions daily. Afterward, you will be able to go home. During those sessions, you will participate in a wellness recovery action plan (WRAP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and learn other coping skills. CBT teaches you how to manage and recognize your thoughts and their patterns. WRAP teaches you wellness techniques that are important for preventing relapse. At this stage, you will also meet with a team of psychiatrists that will manage your medications. 

Intensive Outpatient Services at SUN Behavioral Delaware

The next level down is intensive outpatient (IOP). This level of care is for those who are ready for some freedom but still need intensive treatment. Like PHP, you will still come to the facility for 5 days a week, but you will attend 3 sessions every day before going home. During these sessions, you will continue CBT and WRAP but also attend a daily process group. During this group session, you can work through any concerns you may have each day.

At SUN Behavioral Delaware we recognize that you might be busy during the day and throughout the week. This is why we offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that allows you to be at the facility Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 PM to 9 PM. This allows you to continue your life and get treatment at night.

Meth addiction Treatment

SUN Behavioral Delaware Meth Use Treatment: What to Expect

You will experience the following things while receiving treatment at SUN Behavioral Delaware, including:

  • Stress management
  • CBT
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Aftercare planning for continued recovery
  • Trauma-informed staff
  • Support group
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Psychiatrists
  • Life skills development
  • Physical wellness strategies


Dangers that Come with Meth Use

Various reasons can cause a meth use disorder. One of those reasons can be genetic, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it can result from a mental health concern such as depression. It can also be caused by childhood or adult trauma. Perhaps it was caused by a parent who used meth in the house while they were growing up. 

Developing a meth use disorder can also result from friends who use meth. Peer pressure from colleagues or acquaintances can result in a meth use disorder. In other cases, meth use disorder can be caused by a low level of education. 

Do You Need Treatment for Methamphetamine Use Disorder?

Asking for help can be difficult. Many people have a hard time admitting to themselves that they need help. When it comes to recovering from a meth use disorder, it can feel even more difficult. There might be guilt associated with your use, or you might be afraid that those you love will want nothing to do with you if you admit you need help with your meth use. It will be better for you to seek treatment, and the recovery process will be easier than trying to do things alone. 

There are some ways to know if you need treatment. One of those ways is if you experience severe cravings when you are not taking meth. You will also experience withdrawal symptoms associated with those cravings. Experiencing legal concerns such as theft or possession can also indicate you need to seek treatment. If you have lied or stolen from loved ones due to your meth use, seeking treatment is important. 

FAQs About Meth Treatment

How long does meth stay in your system?

Methamphetamine can stay in the body for up to 5 days with urine screening and up to 6 months with hair tests. 

How long do the effects of methamphetamine last?

When consuming meth, the effects typically last a few hours before the person feels the need to use it again. If the person goes too long without consuming methamphetamine, they may start to experience withdrawal symptoms.

How is meth produced?

Meth can be made from fertilizer, ether, lithium, acetone, and red phosphorus. One of the most common ingredients is pseudoephedrine found in cold medications. Sometimes meth can also be laced with fentanyl to increase its effects or pressed into a pill to make it more appealing. 

Get Help for Meth Addiction at SUN Behavioral Delaware Today!

SUN Behavioral Delaware is located in Georgetown, DE. We work daily to meet the unmet needs of our community by providing telehealth care assessment options, trauma-informed care, and compassionate addiction treatment. For more information about meth use treatment and rehab, call us today at 302-604-5600.


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